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Find answers to common questions about B3B Basketball

B3B Basketball is open to everyone, regardless of age, gender, skill level, or background. B3B is the biggest beginner basketball club in Copenhagen, so no experience is needed! We also have teams that compete.

You can attend your own team’s training plus all other trainings on your level (i.e. if you are signed up for a beginner team, you can attend all beginner trainings). That means that while you a part of a team, you get to meet other people in the club and try different trainings (you can see the training schedule on our website and please email us if you have questions!) There are also games against other teams, club tournaments, open gym and social events.

We have indoor training the whole year except for July, where there will be some outdoor events. Training is always cancelled on public holidays and school holidays (e.g. week 42).

The payment is 250 kr. per month, paid via our membership system Holdsport. The first month there is an additional sign-up fee of 150 kr. You can leave the club anytime, paying running month plus next month. However it is not possible to “pause” your membership – see below.

Most basketball clubs in Denmark offer either yearly or twice a year payment methods. That way minimum of 6 months membership is guaranteed. We wanted to meet the needs of those who wanted more flexible options and the ability to pay in smaller amounts. Therefore we created monthly payments, which definitely takes a lot more work to handle, but we think it is worth it. However to keep the same structure of sustainability and yearly income predictability, we cannot go further and offer “drop in – drop out” solutions for those who want to pause the membership. It is still the same 6 months commitment, divided in 6 payments. Therefore pausing membership for a month or a few months, is not possible. If you are away for 6 months or more, then you can leave the club and join again in the next period, paying the signup fee again.

Please also be aware that if you are not able to pay 250 kr. per month, it is an option to volunteer for the club and receive free membership. For children under 17 years, it is also possible to play for free via aid from the municipality. In that case, please email us.

If you wish to leave the club, you can email