Meet Our Championship Coaching Staff

Discover Our Team of Expert Coaches and Basketball Mentors

At B3B Basketball, we pride ourselves on a roster of devoted and seasoned professionals. From tactical coaches for pros to friendly guides for novices, our staff excels in elevating every player’s game.

Anders Jensen

Head Basketball Coach and Strategy Analyst

Meet Anders, our head coach, charting the course to victory with tailored training regimens.

Mia Rasmussen

Youth Team Coordinator

Mia: Dynamic youth coordinator, fostering talent with an empowering and positive approach.

Lukas Schmidt

Athletic Performance Specialist

Athletic specialist focused on peak performance and injury prevention for top-tier players.

Sofia Kristensen

Junior Teams’ Skills Development Coach

Sofia: Dedicated to nurturing the next generation with skill-building and confidence-boosting sessions.

Join Our B3B Basketball Community

Become a coach at B3B Basketball in Copenhagen! Seeking dedicated coaches for players of all skill levels. Contribute to our club’s success and guide our members towards their basketball aspirations. Join our dynamic team and shape the future of basketball in Copenhagen. Apply today!