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What membership tiers do you offer?

Choose from rookie, pro, and all-star memberships at B3B Basketball, each offering access to our courts, training sessions, and club events.

What facilities are available for use?

B3B Basketball boasts a variety of facilities, including professional-grade courts, training equipment, and areas for conditioning and agility.

Can I book private coaching sessions?

Absolutely, we offer tailored coaching sessions. Our experienced coaches will help refine your skills and strategies, providing the support you need.

Which basketball clinics do you provide?

Our range includes beginner workshops, advanced tactical clinics, and specialized sessions like shooting or dribbling. Visit our schedule for full details.

What types of club memberships are available?

B3B Basketball offers a variety of membership plans including seasonal, half-year, and annual options. With each membership, you get unlimited access to our basketball courts, professional coaching, and fitness areas.

What basketball facilities are provided?

At B3B Basketball, we are equipped with professional-grade basketball courts, high-quality hoops, training equipment, and conditioning gear designed to elevate your game.

Can I book individual coaching sessions?

Certainly, B3B Basketball offers bespoke one-on-one coaching sessions. Our expert coaches will devise a personalized plan that aligns with your basketball ambitions, providing continuous encouragement and support.

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